Visit of the art gallery

Kapelier's Art Gallery 2404 Rte. du Fleuve, Les Éboulements, Québec, Canada

Reserve a 30-minute time slot by contacting us to visit and browse the gallery. If there is no one booked after your time slot, you can stay longer.

Private Exhibition

Édith Pelletier 8 rue du Lieutenant-de-Chaste, Cap-Chat, Quebec, Canada

Organized by Édith Pelletier, Cap-Chat, Qc Monday and Tuesday, 24 & 25 octobre 2022, from 17h to 21h Lieu: 8 rue du Lieutenant-de-Chaste, Cap-Chat,Qc G0J 1E0 Telephone of Mme Édith Pelletier: 418-786-5745 Open to the public who request it by email at: [email protected]